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In cooperation with the University of Groningen

Double Master's Programme in Demography and Social Inequality

The Double Master’s Programme in Demography and Social Inequality gives students the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of two top-ranking universities. Participants of the programme spend one year studying at each university and graduate with two master’s degrees: a Master of Sciences in Sociology and Social Research issued by the University of Cologne and a Master of Science in Population Studies issued by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The international master's programme focuses on demographic change, population dynamics and the challenges faced by modern societies due to increasing life expectancy, decreasing birth rates and migration. Students will learn to apply advanced social research methods and data analysis, providing necessary tools to deal with current issues such as ageing, social inequality, family, integration and education. Students will have the possibility of acquiring in-depth knowledge of these topics and developing interdisciplinary research skills.

Pursuing both a German and a Dutch master’s degree will provide graduates with outstanding employment opportunities on the European and international job market.

Please check the programme website for more information and the application section for details on the entry requirements and the selection process.