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WiSo Student Service Point

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  • Carina Piek – Advisor in the team of the WiSo Student Service Point

    “Questions about starting your studies at WiSo? I’d be happy to give you practical information at the WiSo Student Service Point!”

  • Annika Lahnor – Advisor in the team of the WiSo Student Service Point Information

    “Need career tips or a CV check? I’d be happy to advise you on career-specific topics at the WiSo Student Service Point!”

  • Jutta Reusch – Advisor in the team of the WiSo Student Service Point

    “Questions about taking a semester abroad or a short international programme? I’d be happy to advise you about international opportunities at the WiSo Student Service Point!”

  • Nicole Kienel – Advisor in the team of the WiSo Student Service Point

    “Questions about KLIPS or getting your sealed transcript of records? Find all the answers in one place at the WiSo Student Service Point!”

  • Martina Mundorf –Advisor in the team of the WiSo Student Service Point

    “Questions about doctoral studies at the WiSo faculty? I’d be happy to answer them at the WiSo Student Service Point!”

Your point of contact for questions

The WiSo Student Service Point serves as the first point of contact concerning questions about studying at the WiSo Faculty. The WiSo student advisors offer orientation and competent advice in every phase of the student life cycle, which is always goal-oriented and open to results. The student advisors of the WiSo Student Service Point follow this mission statement in their activities.

New opening and office hours as of November

Opening hours reception/brief information: Mon-Fri 9-12:30 p.m. & Mon, Tue & Thu: 2-4:30 p.m.; Wed closed from 12:30 p.m.

Telephone availability: Mon-Fri 10-12:30 p.m. & Mon-Thu: 2-3:30 p.m.

Opening hours reception (brief information) until 31 Oct 2019:
Mo-Thu 9:00-4:30 p.m., Fr 9:00-12:30 p.m.
Student advisory differs from those, see monthly plan
Address for visitors:
WiSo annex building (number of building 101), groundfloor, room number 0.305, Universitätsstraße 24, 50931 Köln
Phone number:
+49 221-470-8818 (Mo-Thu 10 - 3 p.m., Fr 10 - 12:30 p.m.)
e-mail via contactform:

Change a fixed group or module (examination regulations 2015): Just online via the WiSoApp portal.

Data protection: requests which require the verification of personal data usually still have to be submitted in written form. Please also note that certificates requested by e-mail are only sent to the s-mail address.

The following catalogue of services is offered at the WiSo Student Service Point:

  • Application, admission and first semester consultation

  • Organising your studies


  • Examination matters

  • International orientation of the degree course

  • Career options & internships

  • Credit transfer of taken exams

  • Interest in doctoral studies

  • Reorientation or dropping out of studies

  • Certificates / sealed Transcripts of Records / Ranking

  • Information material, e.g. flyer, maps and much more

How does it work at the WiSo Student Service Point?

Reception: At the reception you first describe your request. Either you can get direct help via a short information or you will be referred to one of the student advisors. Then you will receive a waiting number and take a seat in one of the student break rooms next to the office area. After a while your waiting number is displayed on the screen including the information to which advice area you are referred to. These are advice areas A or B and advice places A1-A3 (room 0.305) or B1-B3 (room 0.303).

Transcripts of Records/ranking certificate: You will receive sealed Transcripts of Records and ranking certificates at the reception desk. Would you like to receive them directly by post? Then just apply online via the WiSoApp portal. We will then send the certificate to your address which is given in KLIPS.

Student advisory: Please note that the opening hours of the reception are longer than the office hours of the student advisors (see monthly plan). If your request cannot be clarified at the reception desk and there is no advisor available at the time, your request will be taken up and we will get back to you by telephone or e-mail if you wish.

Reception WiSo Student Service Point:

Inken Host - reception organisation; Kai N. Fuis, Lisa Hottes, Malte Johanns, Nataly Kurz, Neele Schlömer, Emre Tirpan

General study advisory & examination matters:

Carina Piek - coordination WiSo Student Service Point; Nicole Kienel, Patrick Schroeder

Student advisory on the international orientation of your studies & semester abroad:

Ulrike Decker (short programmes), Xenia Elbrächter (Double Master's programmes), Mareike Laub (Outgoings Bachelor), Alexandra Overath (CEMS MIM), Jutta Reusch (Outgoings Master), Roselyne Rigollet (Application Outgoing Bachelor)

Student advisory on credit transfer:

Kassandra Bozinova, Paula Kirsch, Katrin Posch, Philip Schmitz

Student advisory on career, internships & CV check:

Annika Lahnor, Julia Monzel, Heidi Wenge, Ayla Wisselinck

Student advisory on KLIPS:

Peter Heimes, Sebastian Kropp, Joss Wobser

Student advisory on Master's admission and WiSo online application portal:

Steffi Frommhold

Student advisory on PhD studies:

Martina Mundorf