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M.Sc. Business Administration

Accounting and Taxation

Business Administration - Accounting and Taxation


The primary focus is on internal and external accounting and business taxation. Essential elements of the curriculum include incentive effects and the information content of diverse accounting instruments, the analysis of accounting data and/or an in-depth knowledge of business taxation and tax law.


•    Financial accounting and auditing,
•    Management accounting and controlling,
•    Business taxation, tax law and international tax planning.

Career Prospects

Attractive career prospects await graduates in management functions and in the specialist departments of corporations as well as, and above all, in jobs with specialized service providers (auditing, tax and management consultancy, among others). Core competencies in accounting are moreover required for the wide-ranging and highly diverse professional profiles of the finance sector (corporate banking, investment banking, financial analysis and the like).

Michael Overesch

The profound knowledge of controlling, operational accounting and business taxation is a vital and universal component of efficient business administration.

Michael Overesch, Professor and Director of the Department of Financial Accounting and Business Taxation