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The rankings of the AIS 8 (Journals: EJIS, ISJ, ISR, JAIS, JMIS, MISQ, JSIS, JIT) based on the selection of the 2014-2018 period rank the University of Cologne 41st worldwide. In the selection of "Europe, Africa, Middle East" for 2014-2018, the University of Cologne ranked 7th and thus 2nd within Germany. (Status: 31.01.2019). Among the authors, Professor Jan Recker of the Cologne WiSo Faculty ranked 77th and Professors Wolfgang Ketter und Christoph Rosenkranz 188th worldwide. Source:


List of abbreviations / journals "AIS 8":

EJIS: European Journal of Information Systems 

ISJ: Information Systems Journal 

ISR: Information Systems Research 

JAIS: Journal of the Association for Information Systems 

JMIS: Journal of Management Information Systems 

MISQ: Management Information Systems Quarterly 

JSIS: The Journal of Strategic Information Systems  

JIT: Journal of Information Technology