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Albertus Magnus Price

Prof. Dr. Rosenkranz is awarded with the students voted “Albertus-Magnus-Price” for exceptional performance in teaching.

We’re glad to announce that Information Systems Professor. Dr. Rosenkranz is awarded with the 2015 Fall-Term Albertus-Magnus-Price, voted by the faculty’s students.
This award honors, and aims to encourage, exceptional performance in teaching. Therefore the faculty’s graduates of each term elect the winner themselves. 
Prof. Dr. Rosenkranz received his award personally on stage at the fall term graduation ceremony. Since 2014 he is professor for information systems at the Faculty for Management, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne and is a first time awardee of the Albertus-Magnus-Price. We’re glad that someone from the future-orientated department of Information Systems was able to win this award.
Information System graduates have the often sought dual qualification from the fields of business administration and informatics. The WiSo Faculty’s Information System study program offers an excellent foundation for sophisticated and exceptionally remunerated Jobs in many business Segemnts.