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Video games science

New book by André Marchand and others

New Professor at the WiSo Faculty: Yves Robinson Kruse-Becher

Welcome by Prof. Thonemann

New professor at the University of Cologne: Wolf Ketter!

Prof. Dr. Ulrich W. Thonemann welcomed Prof. Dr. Wolf Ketter

Individualized marriages are more stable

Study by Nicole Hiekel and Michael Wagner

"The hour of the populists?"

Study by Dr. Christopher Wratil (CCCP) et al. for the Bertelsmann Foundation

300.000€ Grant for CETEUS

European Union’s Erasmus+ programme

The Dean says goodbye to Prof. Dr. Dr. H.C. Werner Delfmann

Thank you for 29 outstanding years of collaboration

Wolf Ketter's Research Wins Runner-Up Best Paper of the Year Award

at the digital leadership conference CIOCITY in Amsterdam

New publication on digital word of mouth

Article by Professor André Marchand in International Journal of Research in Marketing

"Das war kalkuliert"

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jäger im Interview zur Abstimmung im Bundestag zur „Ehe für alle“

Zukunftspreise der Universität zu Köln

Sechs exzellente ForscherInnen ausgezeichnet

Modernization of the federal budget

Michael Thöne in the German Bundestag

Ostrich effect

A study by Agne Kajackaite on how productive people in dubious organisations are

Cologne International Energy Summer (CIES) in Energy and Environmental Economics

Summer School, July 17 – 21, 2017

New Professor at WiSo Faculty

Welcome Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dainis Zegners