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Happy Easter ..

.. wishes the WiSo Faculty

New Deadline for Center for Social and Economic Behavior grant programs

New application deadline for next grant is April 30th 2019.

Games for Good?

Digital businesses use game design elements to make profit

5th Diversity Week from 13 - 17 May 2019

Under the motto "You make the difference!", the 5th Diversity Week will take place at the University of Cologne

Klassenunterschiede und Populismus: Journalist Michael Seemann eröffnet Vortragsreihe

Fortführung der Debatten-Reihe „Wahrheit, Populismus, Internet“

Was ist erfolgreicher digitaler Journalismus?

Interview mit Christian Wellbrock

Cynicism impairs your health

How cynicism affects your health - and vice versa

Dr. Steffen J. Roth critisizes upload filters

"EU copyright reform strengthens dominant companies on the Internet"

Interview mit Clemens Kroneberg

Richtungsstreit in der Soziologie

"The employees' perspective: digitalisation"

Study by researchers from the University of Cologne examines attitudes towards Industry 4.0