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111 Deutschlandstipendien for students of the WiSo Faculty in 2020

Ceremonial presentation of the certificates in the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum in Cologne

Control in agile software development

WiSo scientists awarded at renowned conference

Welcome to the WiSo Faculty Prof Dr Nicolas Fugger

Dean Ulrich Thonemann welcomes new Professor for Behavioral Supply Chain Management.

"Outstanding contribution"

WiSo Professor Fabian J. Sting on the shortlist for this year's Best Paper Award

The Openness Phenomenon

"Open-Resourced-base View": A new theory, co-developed by WiSo Professor Detlef Schoder, explains how companies can...

The school context determines how strongly minority students identify as German

New study published by Clemens Kroneberg and Hanno Kruse

Financial Times Business School Ranking 2019

University of Cologne confirmed as one of the best german comprehensive universities.

“It’s up to our generation to end climate crisis” – millennials

Survey finds more than half are confident that humanity can find a solution.

Many tax benefits miss their target

Team of researchers led by FiFo Köln evaluates 33 tax concessions.

Happiness, secularization or the return of religion?

Public lecture by Prof. em. Dr. Heiner Meulemann