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Did you know that the local extent of ethnic stratification across secondary schools affects whether minority students identify as German and how they are integrated into the school class?

New study by Clemens Kroneberg and Hanno Kruse

Men with Turkish names are disadvantaged in online carpooling

WiSo experiment proves discrimination on online platforms

Feedback improves antibiotic prescription behaviour of paediatricians

Interdisciplinary study by Prof. Dr. Daniel Wiesen

Axel Ockenfels - one of the most influential economists in Germany

Prof. Dr. Axel Ockenfels represents the WiSo faculty in the current F.A.Z. economists ranking on place 30.

WiSo PhD student wins Musgrave Prize

This year, Jonas Löbbing has won the prestigious IIPF prize.

Study on CO2 savings in the building sector: Greenhouse gas pricing alone is not enough

EWI and FiFo calculate the costs of a CO2 price for single-family house occupants.

We congratulate Prof Dr Andreas Fügener

New Professor for Supply Chain Management appointed

Innovation management study awarded

We congratulate Fabian J. Sting to the Jürgen Hauschildt Award 2019!

"Ein starker Händedruck schadet nie"

Interview with WiSo-Alumna Diana zur Löwen

Prof. Dr. Rainer Minz honoured

WiSo Dean Ulrich W. Thonemann awards honorary professorship to Dr. Rainer Minz