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Competition for founding ideas of the WiSo Faculty at the University of Cologne

start up your idea!

The competition for start-up ideas of the WiSo Faculty aims to promote innovative start-up ideas from all disciplines. The founding idea can refer to a product as well as to a service or the commercial use of research results. A completed business plan is not required for participation. Only a concise outline of your founding idea in the form of an idea sketch must be submitted.

The start-up idea competition is aimed at students (Bachelor students, Master students and Phd-students), whereby at least one student per group must be enrolled at the University of Cologne.

Important dates of the start-up idea competition:

  • 12.07.2019
    Start of the application phase

  • 15.09.2019
    Deadline for submission

  • November/December 2019
    Presentation & Awards

Reasons for your participation

Validation of the founding idea by experts

Your founding idea is evaluated by a jury of scientists and practitioners. This is an ideal opportunity to obtain external feedback for your start-up idea.

Public presentation of your founding idea

During the award ceremony, your founding idea will be made accessible to a wide audience. In this way you can draw the attention of potential interested parties to your idea at an early stage.

Extension of the professional network

Within the framework of the start-up idea competition, you can make valuable professional contacts that will help you to make a successful start to your professional life.

Mentoring by experts

Upon request, the three best start-up ideas can be accompanied by mentors from science and practice on their further way to setting up a company.

Prices and certificate

The three best start-up ideas are rewarded with attractive benefits  in the equivalent of

1st place:  2.500 Euro
2nd place: 1.500 Euro
3rd place:  1.000 Euro

Furthermore, all participants will receive a certificate of participation in the WiSo Faculty's start-up competition at the University of Cologne.

Further information on the start-up idea competition will follow shortly.

Legal recourse is excluded.