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Information about KLIPS and KLIPS 2.0

In the following we will inform you about the two campus management systems KLIPS and KLIPS 2.0. You will find all the information necessary to students of the WiSo Faculty.

Additional technical references you can find on the central KLIPS-Support homepage at the University of Cologne.

The University of Cologne introduces a new, integrated campus management system as part of the “Migration Campusmanagement" (MCM) project: KLIPS 2.0. Starting in the winter term 2014/15 KLIPS 2.0 has been gradually implemented. KLIPS 1 will be maintained for students studying under the old examination regulations. On these websites you will find all the information necessary to you regarding both systems (e.g. course enrollment periods, modules and courses that you can electronically register for at the WiSo Faculty) as well as user support.

KLIPS 1 (PO 2007/2008)

KLIPS 2 (PO 2015)

Information from the University of Cologne