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Everything about KLIPS 2.0: Course and exam management

What's KLIPS? - guideline for students

KLIPS is the Campus-Management-System  of the University of Cologne. It is the most important instrument for the organisation of your studies and therefore highly relevant for all students of the WiSo faculty. Via KLIPS you can register for courses and examinations, view your personal examination results, as well as a list of grades for specific courses, the current course catalogue and create your personal timetable. On the following pages you will find helpful information and instructions on how to use KLIPS.

This information is specifically relevant for the WiSo faculty. However, there are some general references, such as the updating of personal data via KLIPS. These can be found on the page of the central Klips Support of the university.


KLIPS Support

The WiSo Student Service Point offers the possibility of specific consultations on various topics, including KLIPS. You can find a current consulting plan with dates in PDF format on the page of the Service Point.

General information about KLIPS as a campus management system of the University of Cologne can also be found here (unfortnately only available in german). If you have any problems, you can also send a support request by e-mail there.


The main enrollment periods at the WiSo faculty are the first and especially the second enrollment period. Find out in good time during which registration period you have to register which courses.

The allocation of remaining places is only an additional phase, in which students who did not get any places in the previous phases of the course can occupy places that have remained vacant or have become vacant due to cancellations. You will find further information on all phases below.