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In cooperation with Keio University

Double Master's Programme in Economics

The Double Master's Programme in Economics gives students the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of two top universities. They are able to enjoy the advantages offered by two universities. Participants on the programme spend one year studying at each university and graduate with two master's degrees: a Master of Science in Economics awarded by the University of Cologne and a Master of Arts in Economics awarded by Keio University located in Tokyo, Japan.

Economic studies focus on how governments, companies, institutions, households and individuals allocate their limited resources. The study programme provides students with broad methodological expertise and knowledge of a variety of theoretical approaches to independently analyse and develop conceptual models to predict responses to changes in policy and market conditions. The international orientation of the Double Master's Programme enables students to learn how to solve complex economic problems on an international scale in a globalised, interconnected world by considering cross-national connections and effects.

Please check our website for more information on the programme and visit the application section for details on the entry requirements and the selection proces.