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Application for advanced/ higher semester


Besides the option to apply for the first semester in order to switch in one of our master degree programmes at the WiSo faculty, you might have the option to apply for an advanced semester in our Master’s degree programmes. But please note, that several requirements have to be fulfilled.

As our Master’s programmes only start in fall term, you can only apply for the 2nd semester in summer term and for the 3rd semester in fall term.

Further requirements for a successful application are:

  • There are free places available in the degree programme and in the relevant semester,
  • The master admission criteria for the 1st semester must be fulfilled: minimum overall grade, language requirements subject-related admission requirements,
  • The student has already passed examinations in her/ his current master degree programme and has gained ECTS credit points, which can be credited. The examinations are listed as successfully passed on the Transcript of Records at the time of application for a placement to a higher semester

    • An application for the 2nd semester is only possible if at least 15 ECTS can be credited from the current master programme,
    • An application for the 3nd semester is only possible if at least 45 ECTS can be credited from the current master programme.

Important information:

  • Only a maximum of 60 ECTS can be credited.
  • Only equivalent courses can be taken into account. Depending on the university’s content and structures, the degree programmes differ a lot. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all courses can be credited.
  • An application for advanced/ higher semester for the master programme in International Management (CEMS) is not possible.

Application procedure:

The following documents must be submitted to the Admissions Committee as certified copies. This is due to the fact that the respective subject representatives have to review your courses from the current Master programme and check, if a switch is possible.

  • Bachelor degree certificate and transcript of records
  • Transcript of semester abroad 
  • University entrance qualification (e.g. A-Level, Abitur)
  • Proof of English language proficiency 
  • Proof of German language proficiency (only for Business Administration - Accounting & Taxation, Media and Technology Management, Supply Chain Management; Health Economics and Information Systems)
    This is not necessary for applicants who obtained their bachelor's degree or university entrance certificate (e.g. Abitur) in German language.
  • Only for M.A. Political Science: letter of motivation (German or English)
  • sealed/ stamped Transcript of Records of your current master programme; if applicable, also failed exams need to be mentioned on the transcript
  • Printed application in order to transfer courses from the website of the WiSo Credit Transfer Center (“WiSo-Anrechnungszentrum”); please make use of the registration code 9726732 for your application
  • application form of the University’s Student Registration Office (only available in German “Einschreibungsantrag Master UzK”)

Application deadlines:

  • spring term/ 2nd semester: 15 January
  • fall term/ 3rd semester: 15 July

Send all documents by post to:

Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Universität zu Köln
D - 50923 Köln, Germany

Please note
The probability for an admission to a higher/ advanced semester is very low. It is mandatory that all mentioned requirements are fulfilled. Therefore, we recommend to apply for the first semester. You might have the opportunity to credit already passed examinations from your current master programme. You can ask for a credit transfer after a successful admission when you apply to be admitted to the examination process at the WiSo-Examination Office.