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University of Cologne significantly improves its position in Humboldt Foundation’s Internationality Ranking

In national comparison, Cologne rose from rank 18 to rank 13. The University hosts a particularly high number of international guest scholars in the humanities and social sciences

In the Internationality Ranking conducted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the University of Cologne was able to improve its position from 18 to 13. The ranking, which was published today, shows how many international guest scholars and scientists came to Germany with fellowships from the Humboldt Foundation over the past five years. It also details where they spent their research stays.

With a total of 124 guest scholars and scientists, the University of Cologne was able to jump from position 18 to 13 – one of the most significant improvements – in comparison to the last ranking conducted in 2014. The top-ranked universities in Germany are Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt Universität Berlin, followed by Ludwig Maximilians University Munich and the Technical University of Munich.

‘The Humboldt Ranking is a quality seal in the area of internationality. And a good position does not depend on a university’s size’, says the president of the Humboldt Foundation, Professor Helmut Schwarz.

The ranking took into account the number of research stays by international top researchers and early-career researchers who came to Germany over the past five years with fellowships from the Humboldt Foundation. In order to avoid a distortion of the statistics resulting from differences in the size of the hosting institutions, the ranking took into account the total number of visitors in relation to the total number of professors at the respective university.

Besides the overall ranking, the Foundation also detailed the result by academic discipline. The University of Cologne is particularly strong in the humanities and social sciences (position 8) and the life sciences (position 14).  

The complete ranking and further information is available at: 
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