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Ranking confirms Outstanding Research

Current results of the AIS Research Rankings: University of Cologne again on second place.

The WiSo-Faculty bundles top research in the field of "Information Systems" and gathers internationally renowned top researchers in Cologne. This is confirmed once again by the current AIS Research Ranking of AIS 8.

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) evaluates the research productivity of universities and researchers based on the "AIS Senior Scholars' Basket". The benchmark is publications in high-quality journals (journals: EJIS, ISJ, ISR, JAIS, JMIS, MISQ, JSIS, JIT). Members of the AIS come from around 100 countries. The society is divided into three regions.

Based on the rankings of the last five years, the University of Cologne ranks 7th in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and thus 2nd within Germany. Worldwide, the University of Cologne is in 47th place, based on the last three years.

The results of the faculty can also be seen in relation to the authors: Professor Jan Recker belongs to the 30 best researchers worldwide. We congratulate!

List of abbreviations for the journals of "AIS 8":

  • EJIS: European Journal of Information Systems
  • ISJ: Information Systems Journal
  • ISR: Information Systems Research
  • JAIS: Journal of the Association for Information Systems
  • JMIS: Journal of Management Information Systems
  • MISQ: Management Information Systems Quarterly
  • JSIS: The Journal of Strategic Information Systems
  • JIT: Journal of Information Technology