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„Oberberg fairsorgt"

11.2 million euros in funding in prospect

Prof. Dr. Frank Schulz-Nieswandt

As one of 93 applications, Oberberg applied for funding from the Innovation Fund after approval by the political committees. This fund is financed by all statutory health insurance funds and distributes a total of approximately 250 million euros annually for projects to further develop forms of care. Now the "Oberberg fairsorgt" project has 11.2 million euros in store. The final decision will be made at the end of November.

The project, which would run for 4 years, aims to improve the quality of life of senior citizens in need of care and the care of nursing home residents. In addition, the support and strengthening of informal care by relatives is a priority. The list of goals also includes the promotion and maintenance of patient autonomy for people who remain in their home environment despite medical and nursing care needs. 

The project is scientifically supported by the Chair of Social Policy and Cooperative System Studies under the direction of Prof. Dr. Frank Schulz-Nieswandt, University of Cologne.