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Honorary Professorship for Dr Peter Linzbach

WiSo Dean Ulrich W. Thonemann awards honorary professorship to Dr Peter Linzbach

We congratulate: On 6 January 2020 the University of Cologne appointed Dr Peter Linzbach as honorary professor at the WiSo Faculty.

Professor Peter Linzbach can look back on ten years of teaching at the Faculty. In 2009, he left the Board of Metro Cash & Carry International after more than 10 years of service and founded an investment company focusing on international commitments in retailing. After more than 25 years of operating activities, he thus remained closely connected to the retail sector, also as an investor. At the same time, on this basis he began his teaching activity, which is still anchored in practice today, and returned to his alma mater in Cologne, where he had already successfully completed his studies and doctorate in the 1980s.

On 28 January 2020, following the proposal of the University of Cologne, Dr Peter Linzbach was officially awarded the title of "Honorary Professor" by the Dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Thonemann. "I am very pleased about this award and the appreciation of the Faculty and its members that goes with it," said the newly appointed Prof. Dr Peter Linzbach.

His teaching activities reflect a high level of commitment. Master students from Germany and abroad can attend Professor Linzbach's course „Practical Applications in Retailing“, which is held in English. They will gain a comprehensive insight into global structures and forms as well as into developments, challenges and solutions in global retail. "It is a pleasure to bring global trade and its multidimensionality closer to young people in an intercultural and interactive way and to share my experiences with them," says Peter Linzbach. "In this way, I hope to be able to inspire students for a career in retail a little and to support them on this path".