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Fuckup Nights Cologne - Student Edition #1

Four (ex-)students about failed study times and shattered dreams

Fuckup Nights Cologne - Student Edition

On October 16th it's time again. The Fuckup Nights Cologne go into a new round. This time for the first time students talk about their "failure" at university. No matter whether they failed, made the wrong decision or were forced to exmatriculate, the four speakers will report funny, serious, personal, unveiled and authentic from their lives on how their family and friends reacted to their "failure" and what they learned from it. All speakers come from different universities and studied in different courses of studies. 

The speakers:

Sarah Kempf - Now Sarah studies in a masterprogram in economic psychology and has a full time job in marketing. After six semesters of business administration and forced exmatriculation, she had to realize that perfect life planning doesn't always work out and that failure wants to be learned.

Basti Büche - Doctor: the dream job? Not for everyone, Basti thought, and dropped out of medical school after 6 semesters. What this feels like, how his environment has reacted and how things are going for him now, about all that he talks on 16 October.

Two more speakers will be announced soon!

Fuckup Nights Cologne 

Date: Tuesday 16 October, 2018

Admission: from 19:30 hrs

Location: Aula 2 in the main building of the University of Cologne, Albertus-Magnus-Platz, 50923 Köln

Tickets: To participate in the event, a free ticket must be booked via Eventbrite. The ticket quotas will be activated on a staggered basis. If the tickets are currently out of stock at Eventbrite, you can find out on the Facebook page of Fuckup Nights Cologne about the release of the next ticket continent.