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Fraud during studies

Is academic fraud widespread at German universities?

The German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" has published an article on the subject of fraud during studies. According to this article, the fraud at German universities is not only daily business, but also tolerated to a certain extent. An accusation of plagiarism against a CDU politician gave rise to the discussion. The sociologist Sebastian Sattler (Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology, ISS), conducted a survey with German students for his Fairuse study about misconduct and fraud in the rendering of academic achievements.
Among his results are that 31% of the students took a cheat sheet with them in an exam and 17% used it. 18% of the students had already plagiarized and according to Sattler the students can "in many cases get through with it quite easily" and this although there are enough possibilities to uncover the plagiarisms.

The article can be found here: Süddeutsche Zeitung - "Betrug im Studium: Wird schon keiner merken", 8. February 2019.