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"For the American democracy, this is a very precarious process"

Prof. Thomas Jäger in an interview on the American President's dealings with the press, possible consequences of the Midterm election results and the resignation of Jeff Sessions

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jäger

The results of the midterm elections in the USA were eagerly awaited. The Americans have re-elected part of the Senate, the entire House of Representatives and a number of governors. In the following interview, Prof. Dr. Thomas Jäger from the Chair of International and Foreign Policy at the University of Cologne analyses the results of the Midterms, answers questions about the resignation of the former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions shortly after the election and possible consequences for the Russian investigations. He also comments on the scandal at the press conference in the White House, after which CNN reporter Jim Acosta's accreditation was revoked.

Read the interview here: Interview with Professor Thomas Jäger (in German).