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André Kaiser Visiting Fellow at CAS

In February and March 2020, WiSo Professor André Kaiser strengthens the Munich Center for Advanced Sciences.

Nowadays, science is one of the most internationalized areas of society. One sign of this is the natural adoption of the term "Fellow" from the English-speaking world into German. In German, it refers to a usually temporary honorary or guest member who belongs to a scientific institution. The Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), which is based at the Munich LMU, also regularly invites "internationally outstanding scientists" to participate in its interdisciplinary, cooperative research.

In February and March 2020, WiSo Professor André Kaiser will be Visiting Fellow at CAS. He joins the research group "Exceptional Political Dynamics: Temporality, Turbulence, Transformation".

The research group, led by Prof Klaus H. Goetz, investigates exceptional dynamics in political power constellations that cut across the spheres of authority, bureaucracy, policy, and ideas. It asks whether exceptional dynamics are becoming more common in national, multi-level and global politics and what are the drivers of exceptionality.

With André Kaiser, normally located at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politic: CCCP, the research group gains a respected expert (not only) in the field of comparative political institutions. His current research agenda focuses, among other things, on the causes and consequences of political decentralization and on executive and legislative behavior in parliamentary democracies in times of external shocks. His research is influenced by an actor-oriented institutionalist approach to policy research.

Already on 28 and 29 November, Professor Kaiser has participated in the workshop "Researching Dynamic Politics: Data, Methods, Theories", which illuminated how novel combinations of data, methods and theories can help to understand turbulence, temporality and transformation.

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