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Alumna Juliane Kronen fights against waste

Against the practice to throw away new products

Verschwendung und Entsorgung

Returned goods as good as new are being disposed of or destroyed on a massive scale by Amazon and other retailers, as currently reported by Orange Handelsblatt, among others. Our alumna Juliane Kronen wondered why no donation is made instead. It has therefore been committed for years to combating the waste of trade and manufacturers. In 2011, she was a co-founder of Innatura, whose website states that "Germany's first platform that brokers brand-new donations in kind to non-profit organizations as needed". Juliane commented on this topic in the ZDF program Frontal 21, as well as in an interview on Orange by Handelsblatt. You can also find an interview with our alumna about her commitment in our section "WiSoAlumni in Interview".