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Deadline is April, 1st 2019

Stress due to conflicts between social contacts

New study by the ISS

ECONtribute Workshop: Political Economy and Behavior

11 March, 2019

Conference of the Society for emperical educational research

"Teaching and learning in educational institutions."

Marc Oliver Bettzüge on the realignment of the EWI

New structure and financing of the EWI, future issues and challenges for the energy sector

Fraud during studies

Is academic fraud widespread at German universities?

Obituary to Prof. Dr. Felix Höffler

We mourn the loss of a lovable man and esteemed professor

University of Cologne in 2nd place within Germany

Rankings of the journals "AIS 8" of the last five years

The Creation of Social Media Content

Guest Lecture by Diana zur Löwen

Excellence Startup Center.NRW

University of Cologne receives 30 million euros