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Doubts about studying?

Advisory service for students of all faculties on 21st June

Reform of federal and state finances

Public event with mit Jens Bullerjahn, Norbert Walter-Borjans and Michael Thöne on 21st June

15th Cologne Economic Policy Dialogue

Broadband for everyone - but who pays?

Students from the University of Cologne visit WDR Cologne

Insights into the public media landscape

Concept for the sustainability of Cologne's city finances

Joint study by Difu Berlin and FiFo Cologne

University of Cologne among the top 25 in SCM research

Ranking of the SCM Journal ListTM

Modell UNFCCC in Barcelona

Cologne students are participating - call for broader action to tackle climate change

Cologne becomes Fairtrade-University

The University of Cologne receives the "Fairtrade Award" for its engagement in promoting fair global trade

How do narcissists become charitable donors?

Study on the willingness to donate of people with narcissistic personality traits

FuckUp Nights Cologne@Uni Cologne in May 2018

Free tickets available at Eventbrite