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Study Abroad Programme – STAP Master

Experience in dealing with different cultures is essential for graduates of economics and the social sciences. Getting to know other university systems with a different academic focus provides a valuable basis for competently dealing with international business partners. During a term abroad you will develop skills that will be of great value in both your personal and your professional life, from conferences and presentations to attending congresses, business dinners and cultural events, be it as guests abroad or hosting international guests in Germany.

The Study Abroad Programme (STAP) allows for a single-term stay at one of the WiSo Faculty's partner universities. STAP participants benefit from direct contact and organisational support at the partner university and are exempt from paying tuition fees at the partner university. Many universities offer accommodation for guest students or assistance in finding accommodation. Most partner universities also designate resident students as 'buddies' for guest students.

Our partnerships with leading universities and business schools worldwide not only broaden the academic experience of our master's students, but also provide them with an excellent platform for learning about the culture of their host country.