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Freemovers are students who organise their term abroad themselves, outside of university exchange programmes. Typically, freemovers have to pay tuitions fees at their chosen university. Freemovers have the same credit transfer possibilities as students taking part in exchange terms organised by the university, provided that the host university is classed as 'H+' according to the anabin database. The ZIB WiSo offers general support for freemover applicants by issuing certificates and advising on issues regarding registration forms; the STAP coordinators can also establish contacts with the chosen university abroad.

The ZIB WiSo does not, however, support freemover terms at the WiSo Faculty's partner universities.

Freemover applicants can organise their term abroad entirely themselves by downloading the application forms from the homepage of the chosen university abroad and going through the entire application process themselves. Alternatively, various organisations offer fee-based services for the administration of the application process.