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Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunities, diversity and diversity of perspectives are important to us, and as a faculty we are actively committed to this. The WiSo faculty thus follows the mission statement "Diversity & Equal Opportunities" of the University of Cologne.

We want to create framework conditions that ensure that the University of Cologne is open to all people with appropriate access rights, regardless of their circumstances and social backgrounds. The Equal Opportunities Plan of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences defines the goals and measures to support equal opportunities.

Among other things, we are committed to diversity and equal opportunities at the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne through the following measures:

  • Support of GeStiK (Gender Studies in Cologne), direct approval of gesture teaching assignments for the Studium Integrale by the Dean of Studies of the WiSo Faculty
  • Measures to increase the proportion of female professors by improving the quality of vocational processes
  • Measures to increase the proportion of women in habilitations, substitute professorships and teaching positions
  • Measures to increase the under-representation of women through targeted addressing
  • Promotion of the the reconciliation of science/work, study and family life, inter alia through flexible working time arrangements, improved infrastructure and family-friendly workplaces
  • Measures to increase the internationality of students, professors and employees
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Equal Opportunity at the University of Cologne

Contact person for equal opportunities at the WiSo Faculty

Prof. Dr. Martina Fuchs
Prof. Dr. Martina Fuchs
Gender Equality Officer at the WiSo Faculty

Telefon +49-0221-470-772
E-Mail fuchs(at)