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WiSo Student and Career Services

The WiSo Student & Career Services comprise two important counseling facilities for students at the WiSo faculty: The WiSo Student Service and the WiSo Career Service.

The WiSo Student Service

The staff of the WiSo Student Service supports you with organizational and structural questions concerning your studies. Information offered by the WiSo Student Service can be found here.

Contact: wiso-beratung(at)

Coordinator WiSo Student Service

Carina Piek, M.Sc.

Building 116 (Meister-Ekkehart-Str. 1, Souterrain)

E-Mail: piek(at)

Course advisor

Nicole Kienel, Dipl.-Hdl.

Building 116 (Meister-Ekkehart-Str. 1, Souterrain)

E-Mail: kienel(at)

Course advisor

Patrick Schroeder M.Sc.

Building 116 (Meister-Ekkehart-Str. 1, Souterrain)

E-Mail: patrick.schroeder(at)

The WiSo Career Service

The WiSo-Career-Service helps students with their professional orientation. We offer advice and support in the search for a suitable internship, your career choice and help with career planning as well as the application process. Career Service offers can be found at

Contact: careerservice(at)

Coordinator WiSo Career Service

Annika Lahnor

Building 101b (WiSo-Flachtrakt, Souterrain)

Phone: +49 221 470-5912
E-Mail: lahnor(at)