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Welcome to the webpages of the Finance priority area of the Management, Economics and Social Sciences Faculty of Cologne University!

The University of Cologne offers students in the Finance priority area a first-class education for the pursuit of a career in business management or academia. Our claim to exceptional quality in teaching and studies rests on a combination of excellent research and practice-related study programmes.

With its six professorships, the priority area of Finance furnishes a broad spectrum of research activities and manifold opportunities for specialization in investment and finance decision-making, corporate assessment as well as asset and risk management.

Senior Faculty

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartmann-Wendels

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hess

Prof. Dr. Alexander Kempf

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Schradin

Junior Faculty

Ass. Prof. Dr. Monika Trapp

Endowed Professorship for Investments, Department of Business Administration and Finance

Ass. Prof. Dr. Sabine Wende

AOR Dr. Wolfgang Spörk

Department of Bank Management

Department of Bank Management

Dr. Alexander Pütz

Finance, Investmentfonds, Hedgefonds

 Department of Business Administration and Finance