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Corporate Development

With its six professorships, the Corporate Development priority area offers a broad spectrum of research activities and manifold options for specialization in corporate policy/development, organization and human resource management.

Senior Faculty

Prof. Dr. Mark Ebers

Prof. Dr. Bernd Irlenbusch

Prof. Dr. Dirk Sliwka

Prof. Dr. Matthias Heinz

Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner Delfmann

Business Policy and Logistics

Department of Business Policy and Logistics

Junior Faculty

Jun. Prof. Dr. Marina Schröder

Personnel Economics, Experimental Economics, Anti-social Economic behavior

Marina Schröder at "Find an Expert"

Seminar of Personnel Economics and HRM 

Jun. Prof. Dr. Lea Cassar

Jun. Prof. Dr. Florian Engl

Jun. Prof. Gönül Doğan Ph.D.

Jun. Prof. Dr. Susanne Steffes

Empirical Personnel Economics, Labour Economics, Applied Microeconometrics

Susanne Steffes at "Find an Expert"

Seminar of Personnel Economics and HRM