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100 Years of the WiSo Faculty

In 2019, the University of Cologne is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its re-establishment. The WiSo Faculty is also celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019: The City Council of Cologne re-founded the university in 1919 by expanding the commercial college, which had already been established in 1901, into a Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences.

Christian Eckert, Professor of Economics and Political Sciences, was elected as the university's first rector. 1.299 students enrolled and were taught by 91 members of teaching staff. In the same year, the Faculty of Medicine was founded and one year later the Faculties of Law and of Philosophy. Just six years later, the University of Cologne became the second largest university in Prussia after Berlin. (Source: Chronicle of the University of Cologne)

In the following, you will find the dates for the anniversary of the WiSo Faculty. Further dates of the university anniversary can be found at


Events as part of the 2019 faculty anniversary