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WiSo Ceremonies Photo Gallery

Our Bachelor- and Master's graduates of the fall term 2016/2017 - Photos: Patric Fouad

Completing a degree is more than just receiving a certificate and a handshake. At the WiSo Faculty, we bid farewell to graduates in a ceremony for all programmes, which traditionally takes place twice a year. Below is a log-in for the photo gallery for past graduation ceremonies (with thanks to WiSo Career Services). Please use the log-in data we gave you at your ceremony. You may download your pictures for private use – a little present from us at the WiSo Faculty.

The images of your graduation ceremony will be available for downloading within two weeks.

The WiSo Faculty owns all rights of use. Copyright of the photos of the bachelor- and master's ceremonies is: PFP. Copyright of the photos of the doctorates ceremony is Dustin Preick and of the Dean's List Award is the WiSo-Faculty.

Congratulations on your graduation! We’d love for you to keep in touch!

If you have technical problems, please write to  alumni(at)