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Health Care Management Diploma: Management and Leadership

For those who wish to further their career in a hospital environment and want to gain the required management skills, the Business School of the University of Cologne has created a health care management diploma, which is expected to start in September 2018. The health care management diploma is designed to prepare medical professionals for the challenges of a hospital career. In addition to medical expertise, they must also have management skills to meet the economic requirements - also as a leader.

Management skills and leadership skills

The goal of the planned health care management diploma is to provide a better understanding of the framework conditions within a hospital, the economic consequences of decisions and the importance of corporate strategies. Classes are taught by a selected group of lecturers with a high reputation.

Classes take place over seven weekends. The classes dates and times are planned well in advanced so you can plan your time optimally. 

Successful participants will receive a certificate of course completion

Through the health care management diploma you can:

  • Increase your work satisfaction due to a better understanding of the relationships and improved communication
  • Receive german education credit points
  • Improve your career opportunities within a hospital environment as well as outside of it

Content of the Healthcare Management Diploma 

The Healthcare Management programme consists of six modules, an optional elective course and a final project. The classes take place every second weekend on a Friday evening and all day Saturday at the University of Cologne. 

ModuleCourse Content
Healthcare System & Politics
  • The German healthcare system
  • Institutions and markets
  • Financials in the healthcare system
Personnel Management & Leadership
  • Human Resource Management methods
  • Effective communication and motivation as a leader
  • Change Management
Quality & Process Management
  • Quality and risk assessment
  • Hospital processes and optimisation methods
  • Resource management 
Accountancy & Controlling
  • Internal and external accountancy
  • Medicine controlling
  • G-DRG System
  • Hospital Simulation and optimisation
Digitalisation & Innovation 
  • IT in the healthcare area
  • Patient orientated Innovation models
  • Legal Framework 
  • Big Data Analytics 
Strategic Management 
  • Value-based healthcare
  • Organisational challenges 
  • Radical Innovation 
  • Cost reduction through digital changes 
Project Thesis and Presentation 


The Programme concludes with a Diploma in Health Care Management from the Business School of the University of Cologne. Further Training for physicians is in planning for the future, with a focus on specialist training.

Furthermore, this diploma can be combined with the 24 month part-time Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA

Learning goals of the Health Care Management Diploma 

  • You will be able to apply the essential rules of strategic management and hospital management in complex and demanding healthcare environment 
  • You will learn how to use risk and quality tools effectively and how to make use of decision support tools
  • You will gain an understanding about the finance workflows and the roll of actuary in a healthcare environment. In addition to this, you will learn about the complexity of interactions of different stakeholders within the business 
  • You will learn about controlling and incentives within the healthcare system environment and how to influence these factors
  • You will learn the basic leadership skills required for doctors in the healthcare environment. Problem solving and assessment in the healthcare sector and effective communication to motivate and lead your colleagues

 At a glance:

  • Qualification: Diploma from the Business School of the University of Cologne
  • Further education for doctors of the Medical Association for Nordrhein (in planning)
  • Period: September to December 2018
  • Part-time diploma over seven weekends in the University of Cologne 
  • Small Groups for individual support 
  • Classes are taught in German


  • First University degree 
  • Minimum of three years work experience in the healthcare sector 
  • Leadership experience is desirable 


Register by the 31st Decemeber 2017 and profit from a 1.000 Euro reduction off the programme fee 

Download the registration form and send it to us at: Please attach your CV to your application 

The programme fee is 7.450 Euro. Register until: 15. Juli 2018

If you have any further questions, please contact

Dr. Desdemona Möller

Tel: 0221 470 5420