WiSo@NYC undergrad cohort at AT Kearney's New York office (5 August 2016)

Why not spend your summer 2017 in Manhattan and earn credits?

Each year the WiSo Faculty offers its students the exclusive opportunity to participate in an exciting and challenging 6-week intensive programme in the heart of New York City. The WiSo@NYC programmes are planned and organised by the ZIB-WiSo and enable you to earn up to 24 ECTS toward your degree.

Programmes are scheduled Mon 7 August - Fri 15 Sept 2017 (6 weeks).

You are eligible to apply if you are enroled in one of the following study programmes within PO2015 (students within PO2007 are eligible regardless of their study programme):

- BSc Business Administration, BSc Economics, BSc Economics soc. (Schwerpunktbereich); BSc Information Systems (Ergänzungsbereich)

- MSc Business Administration, MSc Information Systems (Ergänzungsbereich)

The application round for 2017 participation is now closed. Results will be communicated by Friday 10 February.

Bachelor / Master Course Offer & Accreditation

Bachelor / Master Course Offer & Accreditation

To learn more about the specificities of the course offer and accreditation options (PO 2015 / PO2007) please continue to the respective page.

-          Click here if you are a BSc student

-          Click here if you are an MSc student

Accreditation of the programme toward your degree is a key aspect and all courses are designed to enable this. The specific course offer varies depending on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, however, regardless of your level you are able to earn up to 24 ECTS toward your degree.

Generally, the course content aims to address current US-American topics in the area of management, business strategy and economics and display an analytical and comparative approach to Europe.

All courses are taught in English by US faculty.

Application Process & Cost

Application Process & Cost

As a Cologne Student you are required to enter your data and apply via the WEX International database. The application rounds will open January 2017. Required documents are:

  • CV and motivational letter in English (1 page each, formatted as one single PDF)
  • Latest academic transcript
  • BSc certificate (for MSc students only)
  • Abiturzeugnis or equivalent (for BSc students only)
  • Proof of enrolment
  • Proof of English language proficiency (B2- minimum. We accept standardised tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or 'Wirtschaftsenglisch' and also offer two opportunities to participate in the 'Filtertest', see top right of page). We accept language tests beyond their standard expiry period of two years, however, in case of tests having been administrered more than 5 years before the programme application, we reserve the right to enquire for additional information or ask for an updated test result. 
  • Any further certificates and evaluations of internships you consider relevant for this programme.

In order to participate in this exciting and challenging programme, a contribution to expenses is payable by all candidates (€1,790 for BSc and €2,490 for MSc). Travel costs, accommodation and subsistence are not included.

The ZIB-WiSo will provide you with an info guide that will help you secure accommodation etc.  

Depending on your individual preferences and choices, we recommend you plan with a required budget of around $5,000 in total, excluding the programme fee and flights. In order to cover at least some of the expenses, you may apply for financial support through the short-term scholarship programme  PROMOS.

Venues & Social Programme

Venues & Social Programme

We have reserved lecture rooms within the Kimmel Center for University Life (New York University) and the German Higher Education Bridge near the Public Library. These locations are situated in the heart of Manhattan and in close proximity to such well known locations as Washington Square, 5th Avenue and the Public Library.

In addition to the academic content, you will join exclusive company presentations as well as tours of the MoMA, Museum of American Finance and the Headquarters of the United Nations.

In previous years, visits to companies have been generously supported by AT Kearney, Hickies Inc., Dynamic Yield, GACC and E&Y. The specificities and dates are usually confirmed in spring. Please note that this is an additional offer and availability of company representatives can occasionally change on short notice.



E X P E R I E N C E :

Is this programme suitable for me?

WiSo@NYC is an entirely different experience to a regular term abroad and very demanding in terms of academic workload. Before applying, we recommend you take a close look at your personal goals and preferences. To learn more, join the info session!


Can I read about previous experiences and general programme regulations?

We have uploaded furhter infos slides and collated a selection of experience reports from previous WiSo@NYC programme participants. These documents are available  here.


How is WiSo@NYC different to a regular term aborad?

The programmes are characterised by intense workload and an engaging teaching style. Classes are all conducted within a block format and have an interactive approach due to small cohort size.


How many students are part of this experience?

Per year, we select approx. 28 - 30 students within the BSc cohort and around 17 - 19 students within the MSc group.


Is attendance mandatory during all events? 

Participation in all events and lectures of the programmes is mandatory and non-negotiable.


Will I study alongside local students while in the city?

The programme mostly takes place during the summer break. However, most New Yorkers are easy to approach and participants are quick to build up a small network through own activites.


F A C U L T Y & G R A D I N G :

Who are the members of faculty involved in teaching the courses?

All members of faculty are guest professors of the WiSo Faculty and are carefully selected to match our quality- and teaching standards.


Will grades count toward my final degree classification?

Yes, modules will count in terms of credit and grade.


Are the grades awarded comparable to other courses in Cologne?

As it is the case in Cologne, all grades are awarded based on the entire grading spectrum at the Faculty (1,0 - 5,0). The final grades awarded depend fully on your effort and performance.


O T H E R :

Is this programme conducted in partnership with other US institutions?

No, this programme is independently organised and managed by the ZIB-WiSo only.


Are the extracurricular events identical every year?

Company visits as well as visits to start-ups and institutions such as the UN are possible due to the kind support of the respective partners. Therefore, schedules can change on short notice and may - in seldom cases - even be cancelled without replacement. That said, new opportunities may also come up during the programme.


I have a low GPA compared to other students within my cohort. Should I apply?

Whilst it is important that you have shown academic capability in the past, we are looking for motivated students that are keen to study from a new perspective and learn more about the US.


Will I have time to explore the city?

One of the programme's characteristics is its intensity, regardless of whether your are participating on BSc or MSc level. Try to schedule arrival around 5 to 7 days ahead of the programme, allowing sufficient time to settle in and get acquainted with the city. Also, we recommend that you defer any activities with visting friends and family until after the programme has concluded. 

Programme Manager

Programme Manager

Programme Management

ZIB WiSo - Moritz Ehlen, MA
Phone: +49 (0) 221 470 1283
Email: wiso-nyc(at)uni-koeln.de 

Current Information

Join the ILIAS folder for info slides and recent experience reports.

Submit your application (until 27 Jan, 12:00 noon)!

 PROMOS stipends may offer financial support.

Programme Flyer 2017

Please have a look at the latest issue of the German American Trade Magazine, which contains a report about the 2016 WiSo@NYC cohort (available in English only).

Please check out the recent PIM & CEMS Club Magazine 'IN' and read about the NYC experience of a 2015 participant (available in German only).