About us

The International Relations Center (ZIB WiSo) coordinates international activities for the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo Faculty), University of Cologne. ZIB WiSo develops and implements new internationalisation strategies on behalf of the Faculty and manages student exchanges.

The ZIB WiSo internationalisation strategy emphasises innovative forms of cooperation in the following areas:

  • Student exchanges, short programmes and international degree programmes
  • Courses designed for international students
  • Membership in prestigious university networks
  • Partnerships with selected universities and business schools across the world
  • Close ties with the international business community

Thanks to defining the internationalisation strategy at Faculty level and to creating an institution that carries out both conceptual planning and operative support, the WiSo Faculty was able to harness new potential. Thus the ZIB WiSo was the first faculty-level international relations centre at the University of Cologne and has been a great success for more than 20 years now.