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Selected projects & publications

Selected projects

  • Panel analysis of intimate relationships and family dynamics (pairfam); German Research Foundation (co-PI K. Hank)
  • Social integration and boundary making in adolescence (SOCIALBOND); European Research Council (PI C. Kroneberg)
  • NRW-Forschungskolleg “Gerontological Research on Well-Being (GROW)” (co-ordinated by S. Zank)
  • Quality of Life and Well-Being of the Oldest Old in NRW (NRW80+); MIWF NRW (co-PI M. Wagner)

Selected publications

  • Carol, S. & Hank, K. (2019): Natives' and immigrants' gender preferences for children in Germany. European Journal of Population [online first].
  • Guertzgen, N. & Hank, K. (2018): Maternity leave and mothers' long-term sickness absence: Evidence from West Germany. Demography, 55, 587-615.
  • Heath, A., Davidov, E., Ford, R., Green, E.T.G., Ramos, A., & Schmidt, P. (eds.) (2019): Contested terrain: Explaining divergent patterns of public opinion towards immigration within Europe. Special Issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies [online first].
  • Legewie, J. & Schaeffer, M. (2016): Contested boundaries: Explaining where ethnoracial diversity provokes neighborhood conflict. American Journal of Sociology, 122: 125-161.
  • Lersch, P.M., Jacob, M., & Hank, K. (2018): Long-term health consequences of adverse labor market conditions at time of leaving education: Evidence from West German panel data. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 59, 151-168.
  • Maskylesion, D. (2019): Health trajectories of immigrants in the United States: Does income inequality of country of origin matter? Social Science & Medicine, 230, 246-255.
  • Obersneider, M., Janssen, J.-C., & Wagner, M. (2018): Regional sex ratio and the dissolution of partnerships in Germany. European Journal of Population [online first].
  • Schmidt-Catran, A.W. & Spies, D. (2016): Immigration and Welfare Support in Germany. American Sociological Review, 81, 242-261.
  • Wörn, J., Ellwardt, L., Aartsen, M., & Huisman, M. (2017): Cognitive functioning among Dutch older adults: Do neighborhood socioeconomic status and urbanity matter? Social Science & Medicine, 187, 29-38.
  • Ziller, C. (2017): Equal treatment regulations and ethnic minority social trust. European Sociological Review, 33, 563-575.