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This intense and international professional development programme for managers has been developed by two esteemed institutions. It’s a 24-month Executive part-time MBA taught at the Business School of the University of Cologne, and based on the top-ranked Executive MBA at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University – a programme long recognised for its truly international level of leadership and international exposure.

Rotterdam has a characteristically vibrant and eclectic nature as a result of its long history of international trading; this, coupled with the open culture of Cologne as well as Germany’s tradition of manufacturing and industry brings the promise of an education that connects you with the world and a programme that embraces diversity.

The Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA is designed to enhance the progression of your career by preparing you for senior management challenges and responsibilities in German and international business arenas.

This management development programme will improve your management skills, develop your leadership potential and advance your personal brand. You will bring real added value to your company without interrupting your career.

In 24 months you will be awarded with two degrees, one from UoC and one from RSM – in every way a highly respected academic qualification which will allow you to take your career to the next level.

The programme is highly selective, which means that your fellow students make for a unique and select network of globally-orientated managers. Your faculty are among the top academics in Europe; they will present the latest scientific research in a way that is designed for practical application in business during this academically rigorous programme.

Key benefits of our management training programs

Leadership and team-building skills

Develop your ability to bring out the best in people and yourself via our intense and participant-centred Personal Leadership Development programme.

Analytical and critical thinking

Change the way you think about business issues, deconstruct problems, and create strategies. Learn the techniques and frameworks used by the best business thinkers in the field.

Applied learning

Bring value to your current position and organisation through assignments that require you to apply what you learn in your day-to-day work.

International perspective and experience

Expand your understanding of business in different economic and cultural environments.

Broad general management knowledge

Gain a real understanding of the workings of all aspects of your organisation and its place in a globalising economy.