Study guide Fall 14/15 - Information for International Students of the WiSo Faculty

Roadmap for WiSo exchange students


Roadmap for an exchange at the WiSo Faculty

Offer for guest students

Course Offer

Bachelor exchange students may choose from the entire Bachelor course programme offered at the WiSo Faculty, comprising a wide range of specialized studies in the subject divisions of Business Administration, Economics, Political Sciences and Sociology. Bachelor students who come to Cologne in the 4th year of their Bachelor studies may also choose from the course offer at Master level.

The courses have differing formats; for instance, they may take the form of lectures, exercises, seminars and block seminars. More information on the individual course formats, can be found here:

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You can obtain information on the WiSo Faculty’s departments and chairs as well as on the respective areas of specialization  here.

German language course

Before the beginning of term, incoming students can participate in German language courses free of charge. These take place in March/April (summer semester) and in September/October (winter semester). Please note that the number of places available in the courses is limited.

German courses are also offered during the semester on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

More information on the language course offer and application for German courses can be found here:

Guest students can enrol in the courses of other Faculties at the University of Cologne, providing that places are available and the lecturer has consented.

Course Language

Exchange students may study in German and/or English.

The extensive English-language course offer makes it possible for guest students to study entirely in English.

Language requirements:

CEF level B2 in English or German, no certificates required

Academic calendar

Fall term:

  • October to February
  • “Early leaver”: October to December (Only for guest students of certain universities with overlapping schedules)
  • Pre-semester German language course: September

Spring term:

  • April to July
  • Pre-semester German language course: March

Please note that many examinations are scheduled one to two weeks after the end of term.

The Semester Schedule provides a comprehensive overview of all dates & deadlines for this academic year and the next, including information on holidays, registration periods and Welcome Days:

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All matters of concern to guest students are summarized in the Fact Sheet of the WiSo Faculty:

Module and course lists

Complete Course List for the Current Semester

The complete list of all courses offered in the current semester (in German and English) at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences can be found under  KLIPS.

Bachelor Module Catalogue

The Bachelor Module Catalogue (the English version for Fall13/14 is not yet available) furnishes a detailed overview of all modules from all degree courses offered at the WiSo Faculty. Please note that Module Catalogs specify the offer for the entire academic year. Under “Recurrence Frequency” and “Courses” you can find out in which semester a course is offered. The credit points (CP) for each course can be found here (1 CP = 1 ECTS).

List of all Courses Offered in English 

Here you can obtain an overview of all courses held in English at the WiSo Faculty for each of the current semesters.

Course lists are as a rule published in July for the winter semester and in January for the summer semester. 

Until the list for the semester of your study visit is available, you can use the previous year’s semester lists for your planning as most of the courses are recurrently offered according to the same semester cycle.

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Students of the Faculty's partner universities are nominated by the International Offices of their home institutions for an exchange stay at the WiSo Faculty. After they have been nominated, these students are contacted by ZIB-WiSo and then guided through the further procedure.

Nomination deadline:

Fall term: 1 May

Spring term: 1 November

You can find a comprehensive summary of all information pertaining to incoming exchange students in the Fact Sheet of the WiSo Faculty:



A full semester workload should comprise 30 ECTS credits, corresponding to the successful completion of 5 to 6 courses. One ECTS credit is equivalent to a credit point in the Cologne system.

The provisions of the home university governing the required workload take priority.

Selecting Courses

During their stay at the WiSo Faculty, exchange students are invited to attend lectures offered by its Economics, Business Administration, Sociology and Political Sciences divisions. In selecting your courses, you should check which of these are accredited by your home institution.

For information on the courses offered, please go to the link on this page under “Module and Course Lists”.

Course requests need not be notified to ZIB-WiSo prior to arrival. Incoming exchange students receive extensive course guidance within the Welcome Days framework.

Guest students should, however, enquire whether their home university demands preliminary information on prospective course enrolment in Cologne. In such cases, the Incomings team will be happy to advise you.

Course Registration

Incoming exchange students receive extensive course guidance within the Welcome Days framework. But please not that many courses require registration prior to the beginning of term. Nominated visiting students are informed by e-mail of the courses for which pre-registration is necessary.

There are three forms of course registration:

  1. Registration via the  KLIPS online system in the month prior to the start of lectures (most courses)
  2. Registration by e-mail to the lecturer or the relevant department's secretariat
  3. Attendance of the first class of a course


Course Registration via KLIPS

 KLIPS is the Cologne University calendar listing all courses offered at the University. With the help of  KLIPS, students can set up their own class schedule and apply for some of the courses.

An infocast on KLIPS is available here.

As some sections of KLIPS are only available in German, detailed instructions in English for the KLIPS registration procedure in the German-language interface are given in the following overviews:

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 ILIAS is Cologne University’s course management system und online learning platform.


Registration: Every examination (written exam/seminar paper) requires separate registration. As a rule, this is done at ZIB-WiSo for all exams organized by the Examination Office; only in rare cases must students register directly with the pertinent chair. All incoming students receive detailed information on exam registration at the beginning of term.

Examination periods: Written exams are taken mid-term and at the end of term (end of February/July), or also in the two to three weeks following the end of term. Please note this in planning your stay.

Repeat examinations are in most cases only possible in the subsequent semester as it usually takes two to three months before the marks are posted.

Overview of the written exams, dates and registration periods  organized by the Examination Office.

Grades/Transcript of Records

The grading scale at the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne ranges from 1.0 (best) to 5.0 (fail). The best marks of 1.0 and 1.3 (A-grades) are nevertheless seldom awarded. To pass a subject, the minimum mark of 4.0 (E-grade) is required.

Marks are as a rule posted as late as two to three months after a written exam (oral exam results are announced immediately).

ZIB-WiSo issues a transcript of records documenting an exchange student’s performance in all courses taken at the University of Cologne. This transcript is then sent to the International Office of the home institution. On request, provisional transcripts can be furnished at anytime, or grades can be disclosed by telephone or e-mail.


overview of grades and ECTS equivalents


Letter to lecturers re exam registration for exchange students


E-Mail  Incomings team:

The Incomings team can be reached at this shared e-mail address:  wiso-incomings(at)

Ms. Ana Golemi (Tel: +49-221-470 1280)

Ms. Nicole Kimmich (Tel: +49-221-470 7066)

Mr. Jens Funk (Tel: +49-221-470 7969)

Mr. Christoph Karl (CEMS) (Tel: +49-221-470 2779)

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